Regulatory Affairs


Timely support for official requirements.

Quality Assurament


We provide high quality advice, offering continuous monitoring of the processes according to your needs.

Special Services


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Integral Consulting in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance – CIARAC, provides support for all issues related to animal health products sales license obtaining and maintenance processes.



* Support on topics such as process optimization and market evaluation.


* Assessment and Prioritization of products licenses focused on commercial interest.


* Solving regulatory issues and quality assurance experience.




Our Work Team

Our Services

CIARAC has a multidisciplinary team that offers a quick and effective solution for your business requirements. Our staff includes veterinarian doctors, pharmaceutical chemists, lawyers, IT experts and marketing specialists, with high level of expertise in animal health pharmaceutical companies.


This team is led by our Solution Manager, evaluating improvement opportunitiesand / or requirements that can be achieved internally or externally by your company. All information is centralized and shared with respective specialist.

Our service includes experts and representatives for each country, in order toguarantee complete compliance of regulatory and legal procedures, local legislation and timely up to date of official requirements. 


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