1. GMP certification process support.
2. Quality systems establishment (GMP/ISO).
3. Personalized outer audit process according to your business.
4. Staff GMP training.
5. Cold chain support.
6. Storage and transportation training related to dangerous products.

1. Dossier alignment before submission process per specific country.
2. Regulatory information systematization.
3. Follow up of Registration processes submitted to authorities and/or handled by third parties.
4. Packaging material harmonization process.
5. Licenses maintenance (updating).
6. Special products official procedure.
7. Regulatory cluster service for South, Central America and Caribbean.
8. Promotional material assessment for compliance of local policy.
9. Pharmacovigilance.


1. Translation services: portuguese, english, french and spanish.
2. Marketing plan, marketing research and digital marketing services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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